Asmec GmbH

Mid-2011 saw the takeover by the Zwick Roell Group, one of the world's leading suppliers of materials and component testing systems, of ASMEC GmbH in Radeberg nr Dresden, Germany.

ASMEC was founded in 2003 and has a product range covering hardware, software and measurement and optimization services for the characterization and analysis of mechanical surface properties in the micro and nano ranges.
In addition to providing Zwick with a base in eastern Germany, the acquisition expands the group's portfolio with regard to the micro and nano ranges.

This represents an important addition, as mechanical optimization is now applied to surface coatings in virtually all technical fields. ASMEC's measurement technology enables these mechanical parameter sets to be determined.

An excellent example of an ASMEC product is the Universal Nanomechanical Tester (UNAT), a new development in the characterization of mechanical surface properties in the micro and nano ranges with a maximum force of up to 2N. What makes this solution special are two completely independent measuring heads, for the measurement of normal and lateral force-displacement curves, with nanometer resolution in both directions. This allows this instrument to be used as a tensile testing instrument and profilometer, as well as a hardness, wear and scratch tester.

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