Our service technicians guarantee smooth, successful commissioning within shortest time after delivery.


Inbetriebnahme von Materialprüfmaschinen

Preliminary acceptance

  • You have the opportunity to carry out a pre-delivery inspection at our premises and familiarize yourself with your new testing machine.
  • Verify scope of delivery before dispatch.
  • Check out the functions of your machine and familiarize yourself with its operation.


  • As part of the commissioning process we can supervise the entire transport operation for you or carry out internal transport  to the installation site.


  • Our service technicians participate in a continuous re-training program to ensure optimum installation of your testing system or accessory.
  • We possess many years of experience gained from thousands of successful installations.
  • Function-testing before acceptance ensures trouble-free installation.
  • Handover of the testing systems and accessories is via a signed acceptance certificate.


  • Our service technicians provide step-by-step instruction on hardware and software functions, with particular emphasis on safety-related topics.
  • Instruction is performed systematically, using checklists to ensure all relevant points are covered.
  • The content of the instruction is tailored individually to existing skills/level of knowledge.
  • Use is made of real examples from your area of activity.
  • The results from these examples can be saved for later use.


MTM Corporation Korea
Tel.  +82 2554 5903
E-Mail  dykim@kormtm.com

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