Software customization

  • Our software engineers provide fast, competent and professional programming in accordance with your requirements.
  • Your testing requirements are defined in close collaboration with you and then implemented. 
  • Depending on the amount of work involved, you will receive the finished test program plus documentation of the functions implemented within a few working days.
  • Our software engineers possess extensive specialist knowledge and many years’ experience in the field of materials testing.

Free software trial

  • New or modified testing requirements often necessitate new software modules. Temporary activation allows you to try them out simply and conveniently. 
  • Before buying you can familiarize yourself with the functions of the new test programs.
  • Activation is via an activation code which is made available to you in electronic form - no on-site installation by a service technician is required.

Software maintenance

  • Regular updates allow you to benefit from the continuous development of testXpert.

Software training courses

  • We provide comprehensive training on all aspects of our testing software. Please see webpage  ZwickAcademy®


MTM Corporation Korea
Tel.  +82 2554 5903
E-Mail  dykim@kormtm.com

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