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New App for Hardness Conversion for IOS and Android

[Translate to EN:] Neue App zur Härteumwertung für IOS und Android

(July 2016)

Zwick has developed a free hardness conversion app for IOS and Android smartphones.


B Mason & Sons Ltd select Zwick Roell Indentec for Automatic Hardness Testing and Metallographic Analysi

(August 2016)

B Mason & Sons Ltd, based in Birmingham, UK, are a leading supplier of rolled copper and copper alloy strip, combining state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and practices with 160 years of heritage. The company has progressed from a small family run business at its inception in 1852 to become the UK’s largest and most up-to-date manufacturer of precision strip. Attention to quality means the ability to supply to the most demanding of markets throughout the world. Quality control systems are accredited to ISO9001-2008 to ensure that the...


Non-contact determination of tensile modulus with videoXtens HP

videoXtens HP

(June 2016)

videoXtens HP is a non-contact extensometer which measures strain with a precision not previously available. The extensometer’s design makes it ideal for non-contact determination of the tensile modulus of plastics in accordance with ISO 527-1. It also represents an ideal solution for tests on fiber composites or metals.


Innovative testing system for threaded fasteners

Testing system for threaded fasteners

(June 2016)

Tensile tests are a fundamental aspect of quality assurance for threaded fasteners and are used to determine both breaking load and strain under axial loading. Available from Zwick is a flexible testing system for tests up to Fmax 600 kN.


10 years and counting - Zwick facilitates Kingfa's materials testing

Testing machines at Kingfa

(June 2016)

Kingfa is China's largest manufacturer of plastic molding materials (compounds) and one of the biggest producers worldwide; the company's principal customers include VW, Honda, GM, Toyota, Sony, Philips, Samsung and LG. The extent of the Kingfa's innovative capacity is illustrated by the fact that between 2 and 5% of the company's profit is channeled into the research and development of new high-performance plastics every year. Zwick’s intelligent testing technology has been a part of this research process for more than 10 years; the close...


Zwick Science Award – promoting science

(May 2016)

On 26 April the winners of the Zwick Science Award 2015 received their awards in the course of the seventh Zwick Academia Day, held at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague against a scientific backdrop of lectures on the subject of materials testing.


Testing with a cool head - Zwick testing machine at ebm-papst 

(April 2016)

The ebm-papst Group is the world's leading manufacturer of innovative high-efficiency motors and fans. In the product development department Zwick testing machines play their part in helping to make products better - only to be optimized themselves in the process.


Characterization of experimental cast alloys at Kempten University

Servo-hydraulic testing machine

(April 2016)

The Materials Technology and Fatigue Strength Laboratory (LWB) of Kempten University of Applied Sciences (Germany) is involved in numerous research projects in the field of casting technology. Focus areas are the automotive and energy sectors, together with plant engineering. As well as contract testing (tensile, hardness and notch impact tests, metallurgical analyses etc.), the emphasis is on the characterisation of experimental casting alloys, together with the development of new test methods.


Fatigue testing laboratory - 500 million cycles and still no sign of fatigue!

Dynamic laboratory

(April 2016)

No testing challenge is too long, too difficult or too small for the team at Zwick's fatigue testing laboratory in Ulm, Germany. The longest test to date lasted a full 52 days; the heaviest specimen weighed in at around 4.5 tonnes, while the smallest tipped the scales at a mere 0.2 micrograms. As well as customers from the automotive industry and medical engineering, companies from around 20 different sectors put their trust in the Zwick laboratory's expertise.


Zwick assists W.L. Gore & Associates GmbH with qualification (DQ/IQ/OQ)

Textile testing

(March 2016)

The product portfolio of W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH includes membranes for ventilation and filtration in demanding medical applications. In meeting the severe demands placed on quality assurance in this sensitive area, Gore relies on Zwick's testing technology and qualification service.



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