(078) 50 kN high-speed testing machine (servo-hydraulic)


  • materials testing at high loading rates
  • determination of strain-rate-dependent characteristic values over a wide speed-range

Key features

  • HTM 5020 50kN high-speed testing machine
  • hydrostatic actuator for speeds up to 20 m/s
  • hydraulic nominal force 50 kN
  • piston stroke 250 mm plus 2 x 50mm end-cushioning
  • double-rod actuator for tensile and compression loading
  • digital piston transducer
  • electronics with integrated high-speed test-data acquisition
  • safety housing and hydraulic safety-circuit
  • extremely stiff load-frame, designed for high impulse peaks

Customer advantages and benefits

  • tests can be performed over a very wide loading-rate range from quasi-static to 20 m/s
  • crash tests on components can also be performed using the optional T-slotted platform
  • with testXpert a uniform software platform is available, from test definition right through to evaluation
  • easy integration of optical extensometers
  • clamping of very short tensile specimens also possible
  • machine is mounted on air-springs, allowing trouble-free installation almost anywhere


MTM Corporation Korea
Tel.  +82 2554 5903
E-Mail  dykim@kormtm.com

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