(048) Universal Hardness Tester (with matt screen)


  • universal classical hardness tester (with matt screen) for production checks, goods inwards checks and laboratory testing
  • universal range of application for all standardized hardness test methods in the 5 N to 2500 N load-range
  • Vickers, Knoop, Brinell and Rockwell hardness testing and ball-indentation hardness to EN ISO 6507, ISO 4545, EN ISO 6506, EN ISO 6508 and ISO 2039

Key features:

  • motorized positioning of indenter and lens
  • classical interchangeable lenses with fixed magnification
  • Rockwell 120° diamond cone indenter, Vickers 136° diamond pyramid indenter
  • Rockwell 1/16“ hardened steel ball indenter, Brinell 2.5 mm hardened steel ball indenter
  • lenses for 90x, 185x and 400x magnification

Advantages and benefits:

  • intuitive operation
  • matt screen with integrated digital caliper system
  • large test area (250x300mm)
  • control via testXpert embedded and testControl
  • testXpert II connection for free report generation, scale conversion and database connection


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